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November 11, 2016

Ways to Thank a Veteran Today and Everyday

Happy Veterans Day, and thank you to all who served. Here are some ways you can honor veterans throughout the year.

  • Brush up on your patriotic etiquette, practice and teach your children things such as when to stand for the American flag or what to do during the playing of our National Anthem.
  • Learn the difference between the branches of service and what they call their service members:  Army = Soldier, Navy = Sailor, Coast Guard = Coastie or Coast Guardsman, Marine Corps = Marines, Air Force = Air Men.  It’s not that they are offended to be called another name, but they have earned their respective titles and appreciate it when civilians know the difference.
  • Find out what issues are affecting veterans and fight for them with your vote.  Let elected officials know that veterans are important to you and will be reflected when you go to the polls.
  • Fly an American flag. Learn to do it properly here.
  • Volunteer your time or donate to one of the many veteran organizations. One example is the USO, an organization whose mission is to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families.

If all else fails, a saying simple “thank you” is appreciated by many veterans. Again, United Home Loans wishes a heartfelt thank you to all veterans, and we will continue to recognize and honor the sacrifices you made for our freedom.

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