Loan Options

15-Year Fixed Mortgage in Greater Chicago

Get a custom 15-year fixed rate quote from local experts. Call us if you’re unsure of what loan program is best for you.

  • Pay-off your home fast and save thousands of dollars during the life of the loan
  • Enjoy a low interest rate and fixed monthly payments
  • Quick approval and closing complete within 30 days

What is the 15-year fixed mortgage limit in Greater Chicago?

Effective January 2021, the limit on a conforming or conventional loan for a one-unit property in the Greater Chicago market is $548,250. The loan limit does not vary by loan program.

Is a 15-year fixed loan right for me?

This is the best option if you can afford the higher fixed monthly payments and want to pay off your loan balance at a fast pace. Make sure you will not need to free-up monthly cash flow for expenses such as tuition, investments, or other debts.

When is a 15-year fixed not the right choice?

If you are purchasing your first home, you need to be absolutely certain you can afford the higher payments for the life of the loan. Also, make sure you look several years down the road as well. Do you plan on having children and possibly going from two wage earners to one? Do you earn variable income such as bonus or commissions that could be lower in the future? If there is any doubt, go with a 20 or 30-year fixed that offers a lower payment. You can always pay extra if finances allow.