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January 5, 2017

Realtor Best Practices: Building Effective Loan Officer Relationships

The importance of a strong rapport with an experienced loan officer is an incredibly effective tool for real estate agents. After all, real estate agents and loan officers need each other to stay in business, so it makes sense to let these relationships work for you and your business. Below are four points for realtors to consider when building loan officer relationships:

We’re on the same team, and we both want the client to win
Loan officers have the same end goal as you and your client, so use this relationship to your advantage. Because residential lending is a highly-regulated industry with new guidelines being introduced on a daily basis, it’s essential to team up with a seasoned loan officer who can identify solutions to meet the many challenges that come up during today’s transaction. Work with us and feel free to ask questions. Our goal is to get your client in their new home with a great loan by the closing date.

Honesty is the best policy
Working with a reliable loan officer will make your life a lot easier.  A mutual relationship that offers complete transparency allows for a smooth transaction. Real estate and lending can be unpredictable, so both parties should set high expectations for honesty. If something goes awry, it’s always better to find a solution with someone you trust.

Communication is key
We strive to keep both you and your clients in the loop on what’s happening with the loan. Whether we have good news or hit a snag in underwriting, we want to talk about it right away. Prior to working with your loan officer, establish a communication system and make sure your loan officer follows through. A weekly call or e-mail keeps everyone on top of the transaction, even if there’s nothing new to report.

Let’s help each other grow
Loan officers, like you, are always trying to expand their client base. Since real estate and lending usually go hand-in-hand, why not market together? From creating a co-branded direct mail campaign to participating in each other’s social media efforts, teaming up on marketing is powerful and can save you money. If you have ideas, pitch them to us. We’d love to market together.

In the end, a loan officer is a realtor’s best ally, so cultivate fruitful loan officer relationships and run from any that aren’t serving you. And remember, United Home Loans is always here to give you the very best. If you have marketing ideas or feedback on how we can better help you and your clients, contact your go-to UHL loan officer or call 708-531-8388.

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