December 28, 2016

Five Things to Eat Before Monday

Get these five treats into your menu before your diet and fitness plan kicks in for 2017. And yes, we realize the new year begins on Sunday, but you can’t launch a new you on a weekend. Monday is much better, so start eating now.

Cheeseburger Now, Quit Later

You deserve one last weekend of cheeseburger bliss, so make it count. Up the irons with an Iron Maiden burger from Kuma’s Corner, or go simple with a four-cheese masterpiece at Burger Antics in Brookfield. Both places also offer fried pickles as an appetizer. If that can’t bring America together, nothing will.

One-of-a Kind Sausage Bread by Gravy

The only reason the wise men didn’t offer sausage bread along with their gifts is that Dee Dee Saracco of Gravy wasn’t around to make it. That and they probably didn’t eat pork. Either way, they missed out, so don’t let the same happen to you. Each bread contains 2 ½ lbs. of Italian sausage fried in olive oil and fresh herbs, so you’ll have enough to share with some lucky friends. Order here and prepare for awesome.

It’s Giant Burrito Time

Saying “adios” to burritos the size of your head is no bueno. Have a final fiesta by picking one up at your favorite Mexican eatery (we like Taco Burrito Palace #2 in the city and Quesa Brosa in the burbs). Choose your favorite filling and don’t hold back on cheese and sour cream. Whatever you decide, wash it down with a horchata and make your experience extra sweet.

Remember to Eat Your Poutine

If you don’t already know, poutine is french fries covered with cheese curds and rich gravy. It’s Canadian. It’s delicious. It’s something to think about when life gets hard. Get it at Hillgrove Tap in Western Springs. You’re welcome.

Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory

Whoever decided it was a good idea to add a calorie count to The Cheesecake Factory menu is a real buzzkill. This weekend, however, disregard any numbers you see on the menu and get yourself a fabulous slice of cheesecake. All flavors are delicious, so you’ll be satisfied with anything from the decadent red velvet at 1,570 calories or, if you want to start making wise choices early, the original at a mere 830 calories. You can even eat half at the restaurant and save the rest for later. Just make sure you ask that a plastic fork be included in the bag in case you decide to finish it during the car ride home. Not that the author of this article knows anything about that.

There you have it, a few ideas to kick-off your final 2016 feasts. Enjoy yourself, you’ll have plenty of time for discipline starting January 2. Do you know what you can indulge in year-round and gain only positive results? Amazing service from United Home Loans! That’s right, we’re always here to feed you smart lending advice. Contact us at 708-531-9060 for the most satisfying loan program for your financial situation.

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