Jumbo Loans

January 10, 2018

Ask a Jumbo Genius – Why Use a Local Lender


Does an online lender make the Jumbo Loan process easier?

Typically, no.  When it comes to Jumbo Loans, we strongly recommend you work with a local lender. Everything from appraisals to lending guidelines vary from state to state, so an area mortgage expert and in-house underwriting team are your best bet for a smooth loan process. In addition, real estate agents review what lender preapproved the loan, and, if there is more than one offer on the table, the selling agent will recommend accepting the offer with the local preapproval 100% of the time. So, do your homework. Check reviews. Go with who you trust.

If you need guidance, contact a Jumbo Genius below or at 708-531-8388. The United Home Loans team has an outstanding reputation in the Jumbo market, so be assured you’ll be getting honest advice to help you reach whatever mortgage decision is on your mind.


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