July 28, 2023

Mortgages for Self-Employed Borrowers

Self-employed buyers can sometimes find that the road to closing features bumps that W2 earners don’t face. Moreover, there may be some self-employed borrowers who find themself in front of an entire roadblock. That is… if they’re applying for a conventional loan. In this article, we are discussing three alternative mortgages for self-employed borrowers that can be useful when the requirements of a conventional loan are standing in the way between a business owner and their dream home. 

Bank Statement Loans 

Conventional loans depend on two years of federal tax returns to calculate a borrower’s qualifying income. The roadblock that many self-employed borrowers run into when proving actual income is tax write-offs. The more write-offs, the lower your reported income. So, instead, Bank Statement loans help you qualify because they consider the following in qualifying a borrower:

  • Average of 12 to 24 months of deposits
  • Narrative of the business
  • Fixed expenses 

CPA Prepared P&L Loans

While conventional loans use taxable income and bank statement loans use bank statements, there is an option to use the health of the business to qualify. A CPA Prepared P&L loan uses…

  • 12 months of average profit and loss net income
  • Two months of business bank statements
  • This information must be compiled by a certified public accountant

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

If your primary source of income comes through investment properties, you can qualify for a mortgage for your next property based on your cash flow against current debt obligations.

  • Calculated by dividing the property’s gross income by the principal + interest + taxes + insurance + association fees (PITIA)
  • Executed lease agreement or a market rent appraisal form 
  • Property may be held by an individual or an LLC or Corporation 

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