Megan Kunath at United Home Loans

Megan Kunath

Vice President, Mortgage Lending

Megan Kunath, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, puts communication above all else. She understands that there are a lot of potential blind spots in the mortgage process, with all of its moving pieces and constant updates, and makes it her daily mission that no one gets stuck in one. The strong connection she builds between her borrowers, their real estate team, and the mortgage processing and underwriting team is what makes the homebuying process easy and educational. 

Megan discovered her passion as a mortgage banker after spending 10 years in corporate America. As a mortgage banker, she found the opportunity to use her financial background to help others make the most of their money and enjoy the experience of acquiring what is not only one of their largest assets but the perfect place to call home. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, Megan is here to bring all of the pieces of the real estate process together for you.