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January 12, 2017

Getting the Ball Rolling on VA Loans in Chicago


If you’ve already started looking into the VA Home Loan program, it’s likely you have run into some negative feedback regarding the typical bureaucratic red tape that’s often associated with the VA. Fear not, my fellow veterans. While the VA has greatly improved their efficiency in turn times of VA Home Loans (most close in 30-45 days), you can also do your part to guarantee a quick and pain-free process. Knowing the steps to take for securing the VA Home Loan before even applying will ensure a hassle-free procedure.

Step #1) Find a VA-Approved lender.  Done—you found us. We are Chicagoland’s leading VA Home Loan experts.

Step #2) Obtain your Certificate of Eligibility. This is done simply by going to the VA’s eBenefits webpage, or allow us to do the work for you. I’ve navigated through so many layers of the VA system, that I would be happy to do the leg work on this one for you.

Step #3) Get pre-approved. Let us issue you a pre-approval to greatly enhance your buying power.

Step #4) Find you dream home.  Now we’re getting into the fun stuff. Go out and find that home you’ve always dreamed about.

Step #5) Fill out your application.  Once you fill out the quick and easy application with us, we will order the appraisal and get the ball rolling toward getting you approved.

Step #6) Move in.  Now that you’ve completed the application and approval process, all that’s left to do is pack and hire the movers.

The most important step in the VA Home Loan process is finding the right lender. You want one who knows the VA Home Loan process, who understands the challenges that may arise, and who knows the market. United Home Loans knows the Chicago VA market better than anyone. Call 708-531-8388 or contact us below.

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