December 19, 2017

Five Innovative Gifts for the Person who has Everything

Check out these five gift ideas for sale on Amazon that are sure to delight that hard to shop for recipient. And, because Amazon is run by wizards, you can have it on your doorstep before you have a chance to regret your purchase.

Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons

There’s nothing more embarrassing than not having the proper spoons for your afternoon caviar. Put an end to this all too common aristocratic headache while giving a gift that will actually get used. Buy it here.

10x10x10 Speed Cube Puzzle

Sure, they may have anything money can buy, but are they smart? Make them prove it with a massive cube puzzle! Purchase here.

The Ham Dogger

How many times have you craved a burger, but the only scrap of bread in the house is a hot dog bun? Save a trip to the store and make a Ham Dogger! The reviews are mixed, but you can just assume everyone is doing it wrong and buy it anyway.

Anti-Wrinkle Slimming Cheek Mask

Everyone has that one person on their list who’s in denial about getting a bit long in the tooth. This anti-wrinkle cheek mask is a subtle way to help them look their best. Get it here.

Oak Cheese Cabinet for Home Kitchen

If there is a vessel to help you win friends and influence people, a stocked, in-house cheese cabinet is it. This kitchen must-have guarantees to create a stable environment for everything from Velveeta to brie. Become a gift hero and buy it here.

If you’re not keen on any of the above gift ideas, you can always buy someone another home to enjoy. Keep in mind, though, houses are expensive, so you may need a mortgage to help you out. United Home Loans is ready to take care of all your mortgage needs. Contact us at 708-531-8388.

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