Condo Mortgages

February 5, 2015

Learn More About FHA Condo Mortgage Loans in Chicago

Owning a condominium can be extremely rewarding. For many, a condo offers all of the benefits of home ownership without the hassle of yardwork. In addition, many condos foster a neighborhood sense of community that traditional housing areas do not. However, if you start looking into the condo loan process, it may seem difficult, even impossible. Luckily, with a bit of knowledge and an expert on your side, you can find excellent lending opportunities for these housing units.

FHA Condo Mortgage Loans in Chicago — What You Need to Know

FHA mortgages are not the only condo mortgage option, but for many, they are the best. Lenders make it easier than ever for buyers to qualify for FHA condo mortgage loans in Chicago. And if you are planning to finance a condo, you will want to consider an FHA loan. To get started, consider the following facts:

  • To qualify for a condo mortgage loan, a condo must be FHA approved.
  • These loans are available for brand new buildings and older condominium homes.
  • The requirements for an FHA condo mortgage may differ from a conventional condo mortgage loan. This is something that your lender can explain to you in detail.
  • The FHA loan is simply a loan type, not a loan — rates vary from lender to lender; it pays to shop around

How Do You Find Good Condo Mortgage Rates?

  • Do Your Research — Understanding more about what a condo loan is, who offers them and what you need to do to qualify is important. Investigate today — even if you aren’t ready to buy.
  • Comparison Shop — Do not jump on the first option you are offered. Look online, look offline and take time to talk to an expert. A good home loan company can help you through this process.
  • Consider a Building that’s FHA Approved — FHA approved condos can qualify for FHA approved condo loans. This opens up the number of options available to you.

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