Chris Canova

Producing Branch Manager, VP of Mortgage Lending

 The more you understand what happens next, the less stress there will be.

Chris Canova, Producing Branch Manager and VP of Mortgage Lending, began his lending career over 30 years ago in the closing department. He has since grown to become a trusted partner in the industry. He fully appreciates the fact that this is one of the biggest processes a person will go through in life, which is why Chris is dedicated to providing borrowers a step-by-step education.

I want my borrowers to know, ‘I’m showing up at closing with you’. Although I’m not an attorney, I know those documents - I started out as the person sitting at a typewriter, writing the mortgage.
Chris grew up in DeKalb, Illinois where he learned the value of hardwork. He now resides and is actively involved in the Naperville community. Chris is also involved with the Northern Illinois Home Builders Association, making him a great resource for borrowers looking to purchase a custom home.

“I give my team the best experience I can in addition to my clients. Teamwork is essential.” If a group effort sounds like your ideal mortgage process, give Chris a call.