July 11, 2022

Buying the Best Chicago Neighborhoods

best chicago neighborhoods

Chicago will always be home to us at UHL. That’s why if you’re looking to make the Windy City home, we want to help you hone in your search for the best Chicago neighborhoods.

Chicago is home to over 77 community areas that group the city’s 200 distinct neighborhoods. For example, you may know the area around Wrigley Field as Wrigleyville. Wrigleyville is a neighborhood within the community area of Lakeview. But with so many areas to choose from, let’s narrow down some of the best Chicago neighborhoods.

Tried-and-True Best Chicago Neighborhoods

  1. There’s no denying that Lincoln Park brings just about everything to the table, making it the epitome of one of the best Chicago neighborhoods. Located near greenspace, the lake, and just an L ride away from downtown, Lincoln Park brings the perfect blend of urban and suburban feels. And not only will you live well, but you’ll also eat well here too. With fine dining, Michelin star restaurants, and some eclectic cafes, you’ll find places to vibe all day, any day.
  2.  River North gives all the lavish and fun of living in the heart of a major city. If you’re not perusing an art gallery, you can partake in upscale designer shopping or dining along the river. River North is a hub of everything from culture to architecture to entertainment. Its liveliness makes it an epicenter for many young professionals looking to enjoy city living.
  3. If you’re moving to Chicago to embrace downtown life, the Loop is for you. With theatres, restaurants, nightlife, and parks all right around the corner, there is surely no shortage of things to do. The Loop also houses many businesses and corporations, making it a great spot for young and experienced professionals alike.

Up-and-Coming Chicago Neighborhoods

Next, we’re highlighting a couple of neighborhoods that are beginning to make their mark on the map as some of the best Chicago neighborhoods.

  1. Let’s start off with Edgewater. You can find a welcoming environment and, like the name says, plenty of places to hang out by the lake. With scenic bike paths and a diverse selection of shops and restaurants, Edgewater allows you to get out and go. And with downtown just a Red Line ride away, it’s a great place to stay close to the action.
  2. Similarly, you can find Roger’s Park north of downtown. It is located along the lake and is filled with diverse languages, cultures, art, and eats. Situated around Loyola Chicago’s campus, you can enjoy green spaces, parks, and a lively young neighborhood demographic.
  3. Finally, located next to Logan Square, Avondale is a neighborhood on the rise. As a younger crowd has settled into the area, it has seen new life through modern taprooms and eateries, while still maintaining old-school bars and historic buildings. With its industrial roots and short distance from downtown, Avondale brings the best of urban and suburban feels.

Finding the Neighborhood for YOU

As you continue to research the best Chicago neighborhoods for what you’re looking for, remember it’s never too soon to talk to a mortgage banker about buying. Our experienced Chicago team is ready to help you call Chicago home, so contact them today.

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