First-Time Buyers

October 27, 2014

Tips for Securing Financing for Your First Condo

So you have made the leap, decided to make the city your permanent home. It’s officially time to move out of that apartment and into a condo. Here are a few tips that will make financing your transition easier and faster.

Tip 1: Know What You Can Afford
Before you even start looking for your condo, pull your credit report. If you find any discrepancies, now is the time to correct them. If you have open credit cards that are not being used, now is the time to close them out. This will help clean up the report and enable you to get the best rate for your mortgage.

Now that you are more informed, you can use that knowledge to discover what you can afford to buy by typing your info into a free Mortgage Calculator. If possible, plan to put at least 20% down when you buy. This can save you a significant amount of money over time because you will avoid costly private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Tip 2: Find a Trusted Lender
There are a variety of ways to find a mortgage lender these days, so how can you be sure you are getting a great lender?

One thing to keep in mind is if the mortgage lender is responsive. Not only should they respond to your calls/emails in a timely manner, but they should have clear and educated answers for you when they do respond. If they seem to skirt around questions or treat you like a low priority, perhaps its time to find a new lender.

Check resources like the Better Business Bureau to see how the company is rated. Zillow Reviews are an awesome resource when you want to learn even more about the lender and their employees.

Tip 3: Get Pre-Approved
Now that you know what you can afford and you found a trusted lender, it is time to get pre-approved. Learning how much you will be pre-approved for enables you to close faster on your dream condo.

Let’s face it, in the city, properties can get swooped up quickly! To ensure you can move quickly, it is imperative to get pre-approval. It increases your chances of having your offer accepted because it indicates to real estate agents and sellers that you are a motivated buyer.

We hope these tips have helped easy your questions about making the transition from apartment to condo. If you have any further questions, contact us below or at 708-531-8388.

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