Kyle Lane UHL

Kyle Lane

Mortgage Banker

NMLS #1925277
“Purchasing a home is an endeavor. I ensure my clients understand each step so thoroughly, the overall desired result comes before they know it.”
Kyle Lane has spent over 25 years in financial services and is ready to apply his experience toward helping individuals and families achieve educated, responsible homeownership. A graduate of Northwood University in Cedar Hill, Texas, Kyle began his career in auto leasing and spent the last ten years in the exotic and classic car arena.
“With exotic cars, clients came in knowing what they wanted. My job was simply to show them options. With mortgages, I can create solutions and truly help people achieve long-term financial goals.”
Kyle is ready to use his specialty in building strong relationships to see individuals through the homebuying process. “I was all-in for my auto clients. But that relationship only lasts a couple of hours at a time. I am looking forward to see what wins I can achieve for my clients over the duration of homeownership.” Homeownership is a winning investment; and Kyle Lane’s dedication to showing clients how to make the most out of their investment makes him a perfect fit at UHL. With his rich experience in financial services, across multiple states, Kyle has the knowledge and passion to help you achieve your homeownership goals.