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January 12, 2020

How to Get the Most Out of Client Reviews

client reviews

How many times have you heard from a new client,

“You have really good reviews online!”

Yep, they were looking you up. Whether a client is referred by friends, family, or industry partners, it is very likely they will want to know the general consensus among strangers before deciding to work with you. Which is why we are diving into the ever-important question: How do you get the most out of client reviews?


Make it Part of the Process

What is the most common reason for a lack of reviews? You forgot to ask! Asking for reviews is an indispensable part of the buying process. We don’t mean including at the bottom of your post-closing email, “Hey, if you could leave me a review…” Yeah, no. That’s not going to work. Before, during, and after the house is sold, make mention of your eventual ask. For example, a client comments on how responsive you are while house hunting. This is a perfect time to say, “Why, thank you. Make sure you mention that in your review!”

No News Is Worse Than Bad News

Deep down are you avoiding asking the clients in front of you because they might not leave a perfect review? Consider this: straight-5’s is easily perceived by consumers as fabricated. They might wonder if you are deleting the bad ones or recruiting friends and family to leave fake reviews. So leave those 3-and-4-star reviews up! Oftentimes the review shows it is not you, rather, a road bump in the buying process out of your control. Which brings us to our last tip…

Respond and Repeat

Responding to reviews has multiple benefits and it is highly advisable you respond to each and every one. Take, for instance, the scenario above. Your buyer leaves a 3-star review due to dissatisfaction with how far out the seller pushed closing. Responding allows you to take ownership of the process. Offer encouraging words about the fact that, while there was a road bump, everyone crossed the finish line together.

Additionally, responding to reviews gives potential clients insight as to how you provided a 5-star buying experience. Reviewers tend to speak in general terms. “(name) was awesome!” or “I got the best deal!” Take this as an opportunity to respond with specifics such as, “I’m so glad we were able to check all the boxes, yet come in under budget.” This will clarify for readers why you are, in fact, awesome.

UHL is Here to Help

Homebuying season is upon us and our passion here at UHL is providing 5-Star buying experiences. So, let’s get ready to team up and watch the great reviews come flooding in.

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