erina johnson mortgage banker

Erina Johnson

Mortgage Banker

Homeownership is like a long stretch of highway. Everyone uses different exits, creating a unique route to their own individual destination. Rather than simply point out the entrance ramp, I am along for the ride. Providing expert guidance at every turning point.
Erina Johnson has spent years researching and writing about mortgages as part of the marketing team. She could not be happier to put her extensive bank of information into practice as a mortgage banker.
“In all my research, one thing is clear: there is no one-size-fits-all solution for homeownership. That is why I am grateful to be with United Home Loans, where each borrower receives personalized advice and a custom solution.”
Erina recognizes that in an age when consumers can complete virtually any transaction over the internet, some borrowers are getting lost in the online mortgage process. She prides herself on being a mortgage expert so her borrowers don’t have to. “Getting a mortgage might be a big deal but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. And you definitely don’t need to do it alone.” If you have any questions about your mortgage or would just like to understand it a little bit better, Erina is always available to talk.