Jumbo Loans

August 18, 2017

Ask a Jumbo Genius – What to look for in a lender


What should I consider when looking for a Jumbo lender?

While mortgage rates are important, you should consider many factors when choosing a Jumbo Lender. More so than rates, find a lender with a loan structure that will suit your financial goals. Also, when it comes to Jumbo Loans, your best bet is to work with a local lender with a great reputation. Check online reviews and make sure the lender is knowledgeable and attentive. You also want to verify that your lender uses local appraisers. It’s important that the home appraisal is done by an area expert who is familiar with the nuances of the community and how to value potential upgrades and features.

The bottom line is you should consider the Jumbo Geniuses at United Home Loans. Contact us below or call 708-531-8388 for the best of everything.

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