What will a lender look at when I apply for a mortgage?
Lenders consider many factors when evaluating your loan application, but they usually focus on four areas: Income and debt: How much money you make and what other bills you have to pay helps the lender determine if you can afford to make mortgage payments. Assets: This assures the lender that you have enough money to cover the costs of buying a home. Credit: Whether or not you've met past financial obligations helps the lender predict whether you will repay your mortgage. Property: The home you want to buy has to be worth enough to act as collateral for the mortgage. Loan decisions are often unique, so if you're unsure of if you'll qualify and how much mortgage you can afford, call us today for advice custom to you.
What does it mean to get pre-approved?
Getting pre-approved means a mortgage company reviewed your credit and cash flow to determine your affordable loan amount range. Unlike a rate quote, a pre-approval is custom to your financial situation, so sellers can see that you're a qualified buyer. The pre-approval process is quick and easy. United Home Loans offers same day pre-approvals, so you can start home shopping right away. Get started here, and call us if you need help navigating loan options.
What if I've had credit problems?
Your credit history is only one factor in qualifying for a mortgage, so late payments doesn't necessarily disqualify you. There are a variety of mortgage options to help people with less-than-perfect credit become homeowners and leave credit challenges behind. Call us for help getting on the path to home ownership.
What is the minimum down payment I can make on a home?
Many first-time buyers believe they need as much as 20% of a home's purchase price in cash. That may have been true in the past, but now mortgage loans are available with as little as 3% down. With housing prices as high as they are, homeownership would be impossible for many people without low down payment options. United Home Loans has a number of loan options that can help you buy a home with little cash. Call us if you need help determining what loan is best for you.
United Home Loans is both a mortgage banker and a mortgage lender. How does this benefit me?
As both a mortgage banker and lender, United Home Loans has the ability to shop dozens of banks and lending institutions to ensure that you receive the best possible interest rate and loan program. We search for the lowest rates, so you don't have to. Plus, with in-house processing and underwriting, decisions regarding your loan are handled locally from start to finish. Call us with any mortgage question and see why we're the best.