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February 28, 2013

3 Things That Can Decrease the Value of your Home

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With inflation still low, homeowners are trying to increase the value of their homes in any way possible. Here are three things to watch for that can potentially decrease the value of your home.

A Bad Roof
Roofs are costly; there is no way around that. But having a bad roof can seriously detract from the value of your home. Holes or cracks can lead to leaks and water damage. While replacing your roof may not add significantly to the value of your home, it is a solid investment and won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers.

Poor Maintenance
Keeping your home up to date is just as important as personal hygiene. And just like when personal hygiene is ignored, when you neglect to make updates on your home, people notice. You don’t have to spend a fortune making updates, this can be as simple as keeping your house clean, reducing clutter, and fixing or updating appliances or décor when it comes outdated.

Jumbled Floor Plan
If you have to go through bedrooms to get to bathrooms or other oddities like that, the value of your home can go down. Confusion and inconvenience is not appealing. If you remodel, consider function first. Open and airy is always preferred over small and constricting.

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