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Millennials Will Spend $100,000 in Rent Before 30

Christopher Ulrich

Vice President, Mortgage Lending

We know of Millennials as the resourceful generation of independent minds shaping the world today through technology and start-up companies. They were referred to as the generation of renters with little interest in homeownership. However, times have changed and statistics show that Millennials make up the largest group of homebuyers today at 45% of new home purchases. This may be true, but research also shows that Millennials are still going through the stress of student loan debt while at the same time struggling to pay rent. With home values on the rise and inventory down compared to just a year ago, Millennials also have a hard time competing for a new home against move-up buyers.

The cost of rent has been a hot topic and is arguably one of biggest expenses someone may face. Research was completed by RentCafe as they turned to the U.S. Census to find out how much Millennials, specifically single individuals from the age of 22 to 29, spend in rent over that 8 year period. To even the field, the research was done for median income individuals in that age range.

The statistics show the burden of rent on twenty-something’s and why Millennials are shifting their mindset towards homeownership.

Millennials will pay $92,600 in rent before they turn 30 years of age. Remember, this is for those with the median income for that age range throughout the U.S…but where do you live? Are you in the city or suburb? If you are in Chicago and paying $1,800 per month, you will pay close to $175,000 in rent in just 8 years. These numbers become even more staggering when you consider the cost of rent increasing each year you sign a new lease.

If you rent or have been a renter for years, these numbers may not surprise you. However, are you aware that it’s recommended that rent be no more than 30% of your income and the average Millennial is spending close to 45% of their income on rent? This means that an individual earning $60,000 annually or $5,000 per month is spending $2,250 on rent when it’s recommended to be $1,500. At 45% of your income, you are spending more than Gen X and your Baby Boomer parents did.

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