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Don’t Sweat, Be Social

social media

Social Media Marketing. Many professionals hesitate to participate as much as they know they should. Perhaps out of fear of “doing it wrong.” UHL’s fearless marketing group would like to share tips to help you jump right into the social media game.

Be Yourself

Are you an emoji user? Go for it. Love exclamation points? Use them! As great as your agency’s logo and slogan maybe, your personality is a lot more interesting. Potential clients want to buy from you, not a stock marketing message. So don’t be afraid to use your own unique voice.

Get in the Picture

When it comes to Instagram and Facebook, use as many non-stock photos as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients to take a classic keys-in-hand photo. Because chances are, they’ll want to share it on social media anyway. Want to take it a step further? Ask your client to post about their new home on their social media and make sure you are tagged. Nothing better than really happy clients bragging about you on their social media accounts.

Of course, you should still use professional photos when it comes to listings. These will likely be your most frequent posts, so again, don’t forget the personality. Post pictures of the part of the house you like the best and tell your potential clients why. It will help you stand out among the sea of generic, “here’s the outside of a house” photos.

The Value of Video

Nothing engages your potential clients more than capturing their attention for a full 30 seconds. Narrate a short tour of your newest listing. Capture the moment your clients unlock the door to their new home. And don’t forget LinkedIn. Have someone in the office record you giving a pro tip. There’s no shortage of ideas you can come up with. Just make sure you keep your videos 15 seconds – 1 minute long.

While we wish we could share all the advice there is on utilizing social media, a blog post just couldn’t contain it. But hey, we are here to talk anytime.