Cash Out Refinance

Lower Your Monthly Bills and Get a $1,000 Christmas Gift

Many Chicago area residents struggle with their monthly credit card bills and student loan debt. And, those who are homeowners cringe at the idea of taking out a cash-out refinance to pay this debt as they fear losing the low interest rate they have on their first mortgage.

But, many of these homeowners can save a substantial amount of money on a monthly basis if they were to consolidate their debts into a larger first mortgage at an attractive interest rate.

And, for a limited time, United Home Loans will be giving borrowers who close on a cash out refinance a Christmas gift of $1,000.  Details are below.

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Details of $1,000 Christmas Gift program

Only valid for cash-out refinance applications with United Home Loans dated between December 10th and December 31st.  Minimum loan amount of $150,000.  Not all applicants will be approved.  Loan must close and fund with United Home Loans by January 31, 2019.  Visit for a same of today’s interest rates, APRs and other terms.