Mortgage Refinancing

Learn about refinancing your home, refinance interest rates and your credit score.

How to make the value of your Midwest home skyrocket

With key home improvements, you can get top dollar for you home. The repairs don't cost a lot of money but they give a big impact when trying to sell your home. Focus on these areas to improve: kitchen, bathroom, storage, flooring, light fixtures, paint and curb appeal.
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Fixed-rate mortgages for the Chicago market

A fixed rate mortgage is a home loan where the interest rate never changes over the life of the loan. The most common type of fixed loans are 30 year fixed. To learn more about current midwest refinance interest rates. Find Out More About Fixed Rate Mortgages. »

How credit reports can affect your mortgage rates in the Midwest

Usually the better your credit score, the lower your mortgage rate. That's why it's you should check your credit before you purchase a home so you can clear up any discrepancies, errors, or low ratings.
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