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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Make the Value of Your Illinois Home Skyrocket With These Key Home Improvements!

When your looking to sell or refinance your home in Illinois, you want to be sure your getting the best value you possibly can. The best way to do this is by making key improvements to your home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on repairs to get top dollar on your return. Here is a quick rundown of the best areas to improve:

The Kitchen:
This could be the most important room in your house and many potential buyers go to this room first when they are in search of their homes. If your on a budget then for a few hundred dollars you make minor upgrades such as a fresh coat of paint, new cabinet hardware, put in new lighting fixtures for more energy efficient ones. If you have a bit more money to spend you can get new appliances such as new stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and even new countertops. All these options should raise the value of any home.

The Bathroom:
The bathrooms are the next best rooms in the house to fix up. Again if you are on a tighter budget you can do the minor upgrades as simple as a fresh coat of paint, new toilet seats. If your floors are already vinyl, just buy some new squares and put them down. If your floors are tile and are a bit older, a great option is to re-grout them to give it a new look. For a larger budget you can put in new sinks and toilets, and even re-tile the floors and tub area.

The Rest of the House:
Other improvements for the rest of the house that can help the resale value are storage, flooring, light fixtures, and paint. When it comes to storage most newer homes planned for it, but if your home is older you may need help in this area. You can go to any home store and get the pieces you need for the do-it-yourself closet systems. This will make your current closet way more functional and be able to take advantage of every square foot of closet space. As for the flooring, if its carpeted it is fairly cheap to have your carpets professionally cleaned or even rent the carpet cleaners for a do-it-yourself job. If your selling your home, many realtors advise against getting new carpet as the new owners may want to pick out their own colors. When you get to the light fixtures, you should install ceiling fans in the bedrooms if you do not have them already. If you have them already, give them a good cleaning or buy new blades. For the larger rooms such as the dining room and living room, consider getting a chandelier. Many home improvement stores have inexpensive ones that are unique. The walls always look great with a fresh coat of paint so find some neutral colors for those walls just like the carpets, the potential buyers may want to choose a different color and dark colors will be harder to cover than lighter ones.

Curb Appeal:
Finally when it comes to the front of the house you definitely need that curb appeal. If not, potential home buyers could just keep driving. Start by giving your landscaping a boost while doing the obvious: mow the lawn, edge, water the lawn and throw down some Scotts Turf Builder Plus 2: Weed and Feed. This keeps the lawn looking green and plush. If you have a green thumb go to your Home center and purchase some plants and shrubbery to dress up the yard. Wood chips over the dirt give it a clean look as well. If your not good in the garden get an opinion from a professional landscaper to get some ideas. Next pressure wash the sidewalks and driveways, getting up the dirt and motor oil on the driveway will make it look like new.

All of these steps mentioned above will surely help raise your home value and get top dollar on the market. If you have any further questions on these items please give us a call at (708) 531-8388 or visit our mortgage rates page and apply today!

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