Home Appraisal Preparation in Greater Chicago

Getting ready for your appraisal.

The appraiser will need approximately 30-45 minutes to complete the inspection, which includes:
  • Exterior photos of the front and rear of the home.
  • A photo of the street in front of the property.
  • Measurements of the exterior of the home, garage and any outbuildings.
  • A walk-through inspection and photos of all rooms and levels of the interior of the home including the basement.
Lock up any pets.

Write a list of every home improvement that has been made, the cost and the year it was done. (If possible, please complete in an Excel spreadsheet.)
  • Include new appliances, new roof, painting, flooring, heating, cooling, sprinklers, etc.
Provide a copy of the survey and house plans. (Helps to verify measurements and lot size.)

Provide a list of recent sales of similar properties:
  • Sales you feel may be pertinent and why (school district, reduced taxes discounts due to businesses such as malls, etc.).
  • If your home is superior to other sales in the area, please explain how or why (i.e. custom home development).
  • If you live in a "special" area (i.e. Lake rights, school district, etc.).
If you live in a condo or PUD (planned unit development), provide contact information for the management company/association director.